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We are offering a comprehensive service package to companies looking to set up operations in Central Karelia. Central Karelia Development Company KETI helps incoming businesses with finding the right solutions for their needs.

In addition, incoming businesses can benefit from a maximum level of aid for investments and business development. A promising start-up can be up and running very quickly with funding from the local Centre for Economic Development, Transport  and the Environment, Business Finland, or the state-owned specialised financing company, Finnvera.

Central Karelia offers great advantages in terms of logistics, with Highways 6 and 9 and the Helsinki–Joensuu railway line traversing the area.

Nearby Russian market

The Russian border is a mere 40 kilometres from the centre of Kitee, and the town is closer to the city of St. Petersburg than it is to the Finnish capital of Helsinki – that's how close we are to the Russian market. The international border crossing point in Niirala has over 1,2 million crossings each year. Businesses looking to engage in cross-border operations can use the services and cooperation networks of a business consultant specialised in the Russian market.

Committed employees

Labour is relatively easily available. Support for personnel training is offered in the form of initial training organised by vocational training and adult education institutions – delivered flexibly to suit the individual needs of businesses. Finding committed employees won't be difficult, because people here place high value on work.

Incoming businesses can also have help in finding suitable premises. Industrial sites of different sizes are available in all municipalities in the region. Companies in the manufacturing industry also have the opportunity to start up in a business incubator, which will give them extra support in developing their business.



Highest business subsidies in Finland!
• For example, start-up subsidy, max. €35 000
• Investment subsidies for machinery, equipment, facilities, max. 35%
• Development subsidy for a company’s business development, max 50% (products, methods, processes, knowledge, internationalization, for example, searching for new markets, international fairs, expert services, employment of a key person)
• Transport subsidies

Skilled workforce!
• The workforce in Central Karelia is attuned and committed to industrial production
• Lower labour costs than in Southern Finland
• Customised and flexible labour training for the companies’ needs
• Education subsidies for the personnel’s further training, recruitment training, workforce training, apprenticeship
• Low living costs

Company services, research and development networks!

In addition to the facilities, excellent infrastructure and traffic connections, the company receives all the required support and services through the regional business development company KETI Oy. KETI helps with the location with a so-called ”one stop shop” principle.

Comprehensive business consultancy services
• Expert services for the start-up and development of the business
• Extensive company networks and interest group co-operation
• Also Russia-related services and ready contacts

Research and development networks
University of Eastern Finland
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
National Resources Institute Finland
Joensuu Science Park
Lappeenranta University of Technology


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